“Need to Know Item”:  Your “For Sale” house or land listing is e-mailed out to current, serious, ready, willing & able buyers working with real estate agents who’ve set up “saved search criteria” for them. This automatic e-mail goes out to these Serious Buyers the same day (and many times the same hour) your property goes “live” on the local area mls* ( for most of Central Arkansas it’s Cooperative Arkansas Realtors* MLS, Inc.).
For your Fullest marketing exposure, make sure your house for sale listing will have 40 Great looking photos, as many accurate details & descriptive features as allowed & accurate remarks from the very minute your listing goes “live”. This entered listing information is then “populated out” (by computers) to numerous marketing web-sites over the next few days. Yes, these are the very same web-sites that buyers visit frequently to search for homes for sale… and many of those sites have “automatic notifiers” set up by the buyer to immediately send your listing out to them as well. (This is the Power of Exponential Multiplication in today’s internet marketing world.)
What do you think the chances are that a buyer will think of checking back to that e-mail 5 or more days later to see if the photos are finally uploaded?
We Deliver The Best. TEAM BRINKLEY makes sure your listing has 40 Great Photos and accurate & full descriptions Before our clients’ listings  “go live” on the internet.
TEAM BRINKLEY, Keller Williams Realty 501-206-7445 or 501-314-9772 – We respond to Every call, text or e-mail 7 days a week.